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Google’s new logo should remind you to make sure you have a website optimized for mobile phones

You may have noticed Google’s new logo, and it should be a reminder to make sure your website is optimized for mobile phones. Here is the video behind the next wave of branding changes that are coming. Its another step in their evolution and a recognition that the world is changing from its focus 

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Why Your Website Loses Traffic After April, 21st If…

After April 21st, why will my website lose traffic? April 21st could be the best day or worst day for small, local businesses. Did you know that every website that isn’t mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive by this date will start losing significant search traffic? According to Google’s recent announcement, ominously known as “Mobilegeddon,” websites that are not 

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Can Therapists Maximize Earnings?

As a certified therapist you are trained to address issues your clients face.  You are proficient in your practice and have developed a unique approach that works time after time. But let me ask you a question… and lets be honest about it because no one is judging…. Do you feel confident that you have 

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