Google’s new logo should remind you to make sure you have a website optimized for mobile phones

You may have noticed Google’s new logo, and it should be a reminder to make sure your website is optimized for mobile phones. Here is the video behind the next wave of branding changes that are coming.

Its another step in their evolution and a recognition that the world is changing from its focus on desktops to mobile phones. Most importantly they are moving from the little g to a multicolored small G. Its their version of mobile optimzation, to be able to communicate the same brand presence across different devices.

While that might seem a lot for most or Evergreen’s clients its a good reminder to check and see your website and how it looks on a mobile devices and if there are some tweaks that will make it look better, send those requests in.

If you don’t have you website optimized for mobile phones, make sure to schedule a time today and have that conversion underway.

Continued success!