6 Ways Therapists Can Attract More Clients Online

As a therapists, you’ve spent years of intensive study and certified training perfecting the treatment of mental and psychological disorders. Still, none of this training could have prepared you for the shift we’ve experienced into an automated tech-driven economy.

Today, over 3.5 billions Google searches take place everyday, and 80% of these searches are health related. If your therapy practice doesn’t have a strong online presence, your business is losing out on potential customers — simply because they don’t know you exist.

Luckily, Evergreen Software Co. is here to help therapists make transition into technology. The psychotherapist has been trained to ask “what is this person?” But Evergreen Software Co. has been trained to ask, “how do we reach this person?” More specifically, how do we connect your therapy practice with potential customers who are searching the internet?

Evergreen Software Co. creates Mobile friendly/responsive websites for therapists that addresses their technological needs. We provide real search engine optimization solutions for your therapy practice, and we do it at a reasonable price. Our ultimate goal is to give your business more online exposure, and employ solid SEO practices that lead to positive results. There are 6 things we do to improve your therapy practice presence online and help you connect with potential customers:

1) Set-up a free website

Our special website offer allows us to set-up your Mobile friendly Therapists website absolutely free! This website will include key elements of a successfully crafted website which includes “call to action,” and keywords.

2) Tailorize Your Website

When we create a SEO friendly responsive website for your therapy practice, we pick the areas of expertise that are most revenue generating for you. Whether it is marriage counseling, depression, addiction, post traumatic stress, or something else, we make sure your website clearly represents your areas of passion and expertise.

3) Go Local

Keeping the focus local is one way you can help grow your customer base. Since your therapy practice is tied to a specific region, ensuring that you connect with people in the area you practice is extremely important. We employ a “hyperlocal” approach when creating responsive websites because we know it is the best and easiest way to dominate a market online and get more eyeballs on your local website.

4) Google Maps

Getting your practice set-up on Google maps is important because it lets Google and potential customers know that you are a legitimate practice. Google Map also gets prime real estate on local search since it almost always appears on the first page of SERPS.

5) Mobile-Friendly Websites

In order for your therapy practice to rank well, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Google now considers “mobile-friendliness” an important ranking factor, and those websites that are not optimized for mobile devices are being penalized. At Evergreen Software Co., we create solid mobile-friendly websites, so that your website can rank well on search no matter what device is being used.

6) Google Business Pages

We set-up a Google Business page for your therapy practice, which is also an important ranking signal for Google searches. Google Business pages, like Google Maps rank very well on search and let the general public know that you are still operating.
Establishing a solid SEO foundation is essential to a long-term online strategy that brings in more money. Call now to learn about our affordable, high value prices and start reaching more customers!