Why Your Website Loses Traffic After April, 21st If…


After April 21st, why will my website lose traffic?

April 21st could be the best day or worst day for small, local businesses.

Did you know that every website that isn’t mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive by this date will start losing significant search traffic?

According to Google’s recent announcement, ominously known as “Mobilegeddon,” websites that are not optimized for mobile usage will be penalized and lose ranking in mobile search results.

Basically, when someone looks up services related to your company on their mobile device, if your website is not tailored to fit smartphones, preference will automatically go to other  websites that are. Your business will lose ranking, and appear lower than your competitor’s website on search results.

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Not only will this disrupt your ability to attract new customers,  it could also reduce your profit margins.

Today mobile searches are more likely to result in a purchase than desktop searches. Most mobile users are highly motivated to buy when they use their device to look up a local service and place a call.

If you are a local small business, can you afford to miss out?

Mobile is the future and for customers looking for local information it will surpass search conducted on desktops or laptops by next year.

If you own a small localized business, you will agree that your most valuable asset is a good, outstanding reputation, loyal customer base and your ability to connect with new, local prospects. Dominating your niche market is key in running a small localized business that thrives, and at the heart of most successful business models.

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How do you know whether or not your small business website is mobile friendly? Check out this article to find out how.

Don’t lose out on valuable leads by allowing your small business website to be overlooked. Get your website optimized for mobile today!

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