Why Mobile Is a Necessity For Your Small Business

Mobile devices have become a necessity in modern day living, and small businesses that recognize this are setting themselves up for success.

Google also seems to think mobile compatibility is important, so much so that their April 21st, algorithm update was based upon it.

An algorithm is the “formula” Google and other search engines use in order to rank websites on the internet. In the past, important algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin have had a 4-12% impact on overall search. But the April 21st update was expected to have a “significant impact,” with about 20% of websites being affected!

The facts speak for themselves. Today, if your small business website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive, say “bye-bye” to good search ranking. Your small business website is automatically bumped down in mobile search result just because it isn’t optimized for mobile. Years of consistent hard work and Search Engine Optimization could be greatly compromised for this small reason.

Luckily, it’s not too late to recover. Getting a mobile-friendly website will keep your website from being “bumped down” in mobile search results, and help drive local leads to your company.

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