E-Commerce Development & SEO

We have developed comprehensive e-commerce systems for both B2B and B2C e-commerce portals using off the shelf platforms as well as custom designed systems. Within e-commerce our services include:

B2C e-commerce storefront development

Evergreen helps customers identify the product features that are most important to our client and help select the right B2C ecommerce storefront that would provide the most relevant features for the lowest cost. Once the right storefront solution is identified, we customize the storefront to include our client’s brand elements, design and images, product catalog and billing and payment gateways so the orders are seamlessly captured and processed.

Product catalog development and ongoing management

Product catalog development includes cataloging all product sku combinations and categorizing in the right format so that they can be marketed not only in the B2C ecommerce storefront but in multiple marketplaces and product specific search engines. For instance, this can include various sizes, packaging and colors for the same core product, product discounts, product size information for calculating shipping and handling charges etc.

Each client has somewhat different requirements and having worked in cataloging 100s of thousands of products for both B2C and B2B e-commerce systems, Evergreen product cataloging team can develop the right cataloging framework for you. Designing this right upfront is important as it can make it easy to update products as new products are added and also help in marketing.

B2B portal development and channel management

Evergreen has developed numerous B2B online portals that serve as effective lead generation tools. We also have customized off-the-shelf CRM systems and developed several ground up to route the leads to the appropriate channel partners based on geography or product category.

Payment and billing system development

Before deploying an e-commerce system live, Evergreen will conduct multiple tests to verify and confirm the security of the e-commerce transactions. Depending on business requirements, Evergreen helps select the right payment gateway and sets up the appropriate systems to ensure smooth hassle free e-commerce transactions without compromising on security.

Search Engine Optimization

The return on investment on search engine marketing and optimization for e-commerce is very high and can comprehensively tracked, measured and improved. Search engine optimization for e-commerce requires a different approach compared to SEO for website marketing. Evergreen Search Engine Optimization professionals can implement a strategy in-line with client’s objectives and budgets.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The return on investment on pay-per-click marketing is immediate. However, selecting the keywords, setting up the advertisements and ensuring these ads get promoted at the right avenues is a highly complex task. Evergreen’s SEM professionals are certified have extensive experience in effectively generating results for clients by running comprehensive PPC marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

While the primary social media networks are Facebook, Twitter and Linked in, there are numerous social media networks that exist and are constantly emerging. Depending on the products, there are also specialized social media networks where Evergreen can establish a presence for clients.

Affiliate marketing

Evergreen can help clients define and execute an affiliate marketing strategy. Affiliates generate e-commerce transactions for products in exchange for a transaction commission. If poorly designed, an affiliate marketing campaign can cannibalize existing sales efforts. Evergreen helps clients design and recruit affiliates that in turn help strengthen the client’s go-to-market strategy.

Marketing on e-marketplaces

Significant amount of e-commerce transactions can be generated from the leading e-marketplaces. Evergreen offers services to set-up and promote client’s products on these e-marketplaces to generate maximum profits.

Order processing services

Evergreen ecommerce support team and process the orders as an ongoing support service provided to clients. We can scale this based on a per transaction charge or using dedicated employees to support clients depending on client specific situation.

Phone and email based customer support services

In certain limited situations, Evergreen has also set-up customized programs for clients to provide email and phone based customer support services.