Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is a Starter Guide on Search Engine Optimization from Google.  Warning! It is 30+ pages long.

You can go through the  items on their “starter” checklist and learn more about the 100s of webmaster tools out there, or you can work with us.  You can ask us for examples of our work we have done for clients like you, our methodology, techniques and practices.   Or, how you can use our SEO packages to get on page 1 of search results for your selected, hyperlocal, targeted keywords that are most relevant to your business in your city.

While there are numerous offerings out there that give you standardized website design packages, what good is a website if no-one comes to visit it? For that you have two options. Pay per click advertising or search engine optimization. Other than the fact that you dont have to pay for each click, Search Engine Optmization has the additional benefit that it appears to be a site the Google’s algorithms selected to be a best match for what you were searching for. Our website design and search engine optimization services ensure that for keywords that you want to target, you show up on page 1 of Google.

We research and select appropriate keywords to achieve real results for your small business. Our proven methodology includes over 100 items that are optimized both on-page and off-page, ensuring that your company website has the essential elements needed to get page one ranking for target keywords.

We have delivered over 100 successful projects for clients that includes mobile friendly websites and search engine optimization services.   Schedule a sales consultation to get an estimate of what kind of results we can get for what budget and in what timeframe.

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